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German 100 million euro special film production line

Release Time: 2021-05-08 11:03:21         Hits: 109

Following the construction of special polycarbonate film production lines in China, Thailand and other places, kostrong also started to build new production lines in Germany. A novel coronavirus pneumonia production line was launched in Germany's Dormagen plant in April 25, 2021 with a total investment of over 100 million euros, despite the impact of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the project is still being completed according to the plan, according to public media sources. The operation of the new production line will create about 30 new jobs.

The new production line mainly produces multilayer flat films. For example, these products play an important role in identity documents, which are easy to embed anti-counterfeiting parts and take anti-counterfeiting measures for identity documents. The films are also used in medical technology and car interiors.

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