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Hebei Province of China released the list to look for three degradation technologies and arranged 10 million yuan of special fund support

Release Time: 2021-07-06 11:30:58         Hits: 179

According to the Research Institute of biodegradable materials, in order to meet the major technical needs of plastic pollution control, Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department issued the notice on publishing the list of technologies related to plastic pollution control on May 28, mainly collecting three technology lists and arranging 10 million yuan of special fund support. However, the requirements of studying these lists are not low. First, we should reduce prices sharply. Second, we should not contain PP and PE.

The unveiling unit has two rigid requirements:

1. Enterprises registered in Hebei area, colleges and universities at or above the provincial level or leading enterprises have intellectual property rights of core technologies.

2. PP / PE and other non degradable raw materials should not be added to the degradable plastics.

The three technology lists are as follows:

1. Research and development of low cost biodegradable plastic products

The core requirement is that the first pass rate of the products is no less than 97%, the production cost is reduced by more than 20%, and the ex factory price is no more than 2.4 times of the traditional PP and PE plastic products.

2. Research and development of technical standards and equipment for rapid identification and detection of degradable plastics

The core requirement is that the detection cost is reduced by more than 70% compared with compost detection, and the detection cycle is shortened to less than 3 working days.

3. Development of reed based plastic substitutes in xiong'an New District

The core requirement is to use Baiyangdian reed as raw material to meet the requirements of the standard for biodegradable plastics (GB / T 19277.1-2011), and the reed powder content in reed based plastic substitute products is more than 30%.

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