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Is "degradable plastics" environmentally friendly with high cost and conditional degradation?

Release Time: 2020-09-03 21:34:59         Hits: 48

On July 10, the nine departments jointly issued the "notice on solid promotion of plastic pollution control", proposing a series of measures such as strengthening the supervision and management of the use of non degradable plastic bags in retail places, takeaway services and various exhibition activities to promote the work of plastic pollution control.

It seems that disposable plastic bags may face an unprecedented crisis. In the face of the huge demand of supermarkets and express, the opportunity of "degradable" plastic bags is coming. But is that really the case?

Take PLA, the most common biodegradable plastic in our daily life, as an example, the unit price of raw materials ranges from 25000 yuan / ton to 30000 yuan / ton, while the price of one ton of polyethylene is generally below 10000 yuan.

At present, the cost of degradable plastics is not dominant. The prices of two different materials limit the large-scale application of degradable plastics. What's more, many plastic products with the concept of "degradable" are actually non degradable.

There is a need for a rational understanding of plastics, and sometimes a "ban" is not enough to solve all problems. The pollution of plastics is also faced with some deficiencies in technology, end-of-life disposal and public awareness. In the propaganda of "degradable" plastics, the government should be more careful to avoid the situation of "bad money driving out good money". The public's enthusiasm for environmental protection is very high, but lack of some professional knowledge, often into the opposite side of things.

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