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PBAT, the Chinese name is polybutylene terephthalate adipate. According to the source of biodegradable plastics, it can be divided into bio based biodegradable materials and petrochemical based biodegradable materials. PBAT belongs to petrochemical based biodegradable plastics. It is one of the most active biodegradable materials in the research of biodegradable plastics and one of the best biodegradable materials in the market.

Basic performance

• PBAT is a semi crystalline polymer

• The crystallization temperature is usually around 110 ℃

• The melting point is about 130 ℃

• The density is between 1.18g/ml and 1.3g/ml

• The crystallinity of PBAT is about 30%

• Shore hardness above 85

PBAT material can be biodegradable and composted, so the use of PBAT can resist white pollution. The biodegradable garbage bag produced by PBAT is the membrane material used by the biological composting garbage center to recover biological waste, which is mainly used in: fully degradable packaging film; Fully degradable packaging bag, including shopping bag, continuous roll garbage bag, pet feces bag, electronic product packaging bag, food packaging bag, plastic film, etc.

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