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PBAT price rise is saved! Bio based BDO Savior is coming!

Release Time: 2021-08-05 15:07:23         Hits: 182

Since July, BDO prices have taken off against the trend, rising by hundreds of yuan a day. So far, the market reference price is about 23500, up about 5000 yuan from the lowest price at the end of June. The sharp rise in the price of BDO has led to the rise in the price of downstream degradation raw material PBAT.

Bio based BDO is made from sugars produced by starch hydrolysis, mainly through the fermentation of plant sugars. Genomatica has cooperative relations with Cargill Cargill, BASF and other leading companies in the chemical industry. It is estimated that the carbon dioxide emission reduction of bio based BDO is about 50% lower than that of petroleum based BDO.

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