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The change of transportation mode makes the demand increase, and the epidemic situation reshapes the global bicycle industry

Release Time: 2020-08-12 10:28:58         Hits: 5

    According to British media observation, the global epidemic has brought changes to the bicycle industry. After the change of traffic mode, bicycles are favored.

    Recently, consumer demand for entry-level and mid-range models, priced between $600 and $1500, has outstripped inventories in the US and Europe, while factory capacity in Asia has shrunk, the report said. This has prompted wholesalers to complain about the shortage of supply in the global market. From Paris to Perth, shop assistants have compared the panic buying of bicycles to "new toilet paper.".

    Bicycle and parts manufacturers have begun to restructure their global supply chains to prepare for increased demand and future production disruptions, the report said. European governments are subsidizing bike buyers, and cities around the world plan to build thousands of miles of new bike lanes.

    Morton Paulson, an analyst at CLSA, said Shimano's share price hit a new record in part as people began to reassess the role of bicycles in the "new normal" brought about by the epidemic. Paulson and other analysts in Tokyo and Taiwan said that according to the most optimistic interpretation of investors, bicycle travel will replace crowded public transport as an ideal fitness method to maintain social distance and promote the green transformation of urban layout.

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