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The demand is good, and the external market of ethylene is going up all the way

Release Time: 2020-09-14 09:41:56         Hits: 6

According to the data, the external price of ethylene has risen recently. The average price of ethylene on the 8th day was 721.00 USD / T, and the 9th day's price was 725.50 USD / T, up 0.62%. The current price is down 1.26% month on month, and the current price is 20.73% lower than last year.

Recently, ethylene is on the rise as a whole. Asian ethylene market prices rose, as of the 9th, CFR Northeast Asia closed at 780-790 USD / T, CFR Southeast Asia closed at 735-745 USD / T. European ethylene market price rose, as of the 9th, the European ethylene market price was FD, northwest Europe closed at 692-703 US dollars / ton, CIF northwest Europe closed at 678-689 US dollars / ton. The price of ethylene in the U.S. rose. As of the 9th, the price was 577.5-589.5 USD / T. generally speaking, the ethylene market in Europe and America is on the upward trend, and the overall ethylene market demand is good, and the market continues to rise.

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